Aglaonema Light Star Care Guide


Also known as the Chinese evergreen plant and light pink star plant. The Chinese evergreen plant is native to Southeast Asia.


Jane is adaptable to her surroundings and will be happy in almost any lighting conditions. She is a popular low-light tolerant plant that is very often found in dark hallways or landings. Although she will grow faster in a brighter light she will tolerate a room with just one small window. If your space doesn’t provide a lot of natural light consider adding Foxy (Aglaonema Silver Queen or Chinese Evergreen) and Zoe (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ Plant) to your plant collection.


Jane is very drought tolerant and can go a few weeks at a time without water. She’s an ideal plant for frequent travellers who might not have the time to water her. Always check the first few inches of her soil and only water when bone dry. Keep Jane’s soil on the drier side.


Jane can tolerate high and low levels of humidity. She can cope in a dry space but would prefer a little humidity now and then. Placing her in a bathroom or popping a pebble tray underneath her pot with help increase the humidity around her foliage.


Jane can cope with temperatures between 16-30°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 16°C Jane will be happy.


Jane is a slow-growing plant and does not need regular fertilising. Fertilise her once or twice over the spring and summer months. If Jane is placed in a room without much natural light she will not need fertilising.


Jane won’t mind being root bound and can stay in her original pot for 2-3 years. Check the bottom of her pot for roots sticking out of her drainage holes. This is a sign she is ready for a drink. Do not repot Jane in the winter months while she is in dormancy.



Yellow leaves -  Yellow leaves are usually caused by overwatering and under watering. Allow her soil to completely dry out and only water when the first two inches of soil feel bone dry to touch.

Leaves drooping - Jane might droop her foliage when she is ready for a drink. Check her soil and only water if the first two inches of soil are bone dry. 

Browning edges/patches - This is a sign that Jane is suffering from lack of humidity. Place her in a bathroom or on top of a pebble tray.


Top tip 1: Keep Jane on a high surface away from any young children or pets. She is toxic if ingested.

Top tip 2: Jane is a wonderful air-purifying plant. She will help remove common household toxins from your home.

Top tip 3: Take a damp cloth to her leaves every couple of weeks. Clean leaves will help to absorb more light.

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