Exotic Houseplants

Exotic Houseplants


    IT'S LIT!

    A house plant shop selling candles? Yes – you heard it here first, folks! Here at Quirky plants, we supply a range of complimentary products that help us on our mission: to create a greener, happier, healthier planet for all.


    Exotic plants are celebrated for their striking patterns, colourful leaves and blooming flowers and are guaranteed to become a talking point in your home. While all your friends might be sticking to the same old houseplants, prove you’re a trendsetter by adding a unique plant from foreign shores to your home.

    We love tropical houseplants because they bring the rainforests and foliage of far-flung places directly into your home - no travel required. And, while they’re certainly a bit unusual, exotic indoor plants are actually much easier to care for than you might think - and all come with detailed care guides to ensure you keep them happy and healthy in their new home.

    With our vast selection of exotic houseplants, you’re sure to find a rare beauty perfect for you.

    14 products

    14 products


    Which exotic houseplants are good for beginners?

    For the beginner, Euphorbia Ingens - also known as Carlos the cactus - is a tropical flowering houseplant that’s native to the dry areas of Southern Africa. While Carlos looks striking and tropical, he’s actually very easy to care for. Just place him by any sunny window where he can enjoy lots of sunlight and voila: Carlos feels right at home.

    I’ve got a bit more experience under my belt; which tropical plants should I choose?

    Monkey the monstera adansonii - also known as a swiss cheese plant - is a cool exotic plant with a distinctive look. The holes in his leaves are formed to let sunshine through so the lower leaves can access sunlight. Monsteras prefer a medium/bright place in the home, so put him on a windowsill in an east facing window or a metre away from a south facing window.  

    If you’re looking for bright colours and intricate patterns Ollie the Calathea orbifolia and Catherine the Calathea medallion are both indoor tropical plants that are impressive and sure to catch your eye. Native to Brazil and Bolivia, Calatheas are accustomed to the humidity levels of tropical rainforests - keep them content in your bathroom, where they can soak up the high moisture levels.


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