Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging Plant Pots


    IT'S LIT!

    A house plant shop selling candles? Yes – you heard it here first, folks! Here at Quirky plants, we supply a range of complimentary products that help us on our mission: to create a greener, happier, healthier planet for all.


    Unleash your inner creativity by taking your plants to new heights with one of our hanging plant pots. The range of hanging planters here at Quirky Plants is great for people living in apartments or small houses with limited space. A creative solution is to try suspending your plants in the air and watching as their foliage grows.

    Hanging plant pots are also a great way of encouraging trailing plants to follow gravity - and their little plant natures - and cascade their foliage out of their pots and down to the earth - a really beautiful way of using plants to add life to your home.

    Browse our range of hanging planters and be sure to cast an eye over our favourite trailing plants for new inspiration for adding depth and movement to your home foliage.

    1 product

    1 product


    Where can I hang plants?

    The perfect spot for a hanging plant holder is in a hallway or entrance hall where it can be admired from below. Hanging plants are also good for pet owners because your plants will be out of reach, keeping your four-legged family members safe and sound.

    Which plants can I put in a hanging pot?

    Betty the begonia looks stunning hanging in a hallway or from the ceiling in your bedroom. She grows best in the sun and is sure to boost your mood with her colourful leaves.

    Hang Lucy the chinese money plant on a landing or above a staircase. She’s an easy care plant that is happy in shade and sun -although, give her too much shade and it could cause her stems to get very long as she reaches out for a light source. This term is called “leggy” stems. While this won’t affect her health, place her in a sunnier spot for bushier fuller growth.

    Take a look at Marble the silver pothos. Trailing houseplants make great hanging plants. Hang your silver pothos up in a sun-lit room and watch her trailing foliage grow. She loves the sun, but direct sunlight could scorch her leaves.

    Complement your hanging houseplants with a trendy clay hanging pot, which comes in two colours; black and grey.


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