Unusual Houseplants

Unusual Houseplants


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    A house plant shop selling candles? Yes – you heard it here first, folks! Here at Quirky plants, we supply a range of complimentary products that help us on our mission: to create a greener, happier, healthier planet for all.


    To the untrained eye, a rare houseplant might not seem particularly special. But look again: there’s a reason some plants become collector’s items. For many, it’s their scarcity that makes them so appealing; for others, it’s their unusual foliage, shape or colours.

    Whatever captivates you, our selection of unusual indoor plants are the perfect choice for an optimal spot in your home, where they can be enjoyed - and admired - by all. Many houseplant enthusiasts search far and wide to have something unique in their home.

    Unusual indoor plants might seem like they could be an overwhelming addition to your home, but they’re surprisingly easy to care for. They also make a great gift for experienced houseplants owners, who are always on the lookout for something unusual and unique.

    Browse our unusual plants to find a rare plant that you’ll love.

    2 products

    2 products


    What are the easiest unusual plants to look after?

    Betty the begonia is a rare beauty and a great find because she is easy to care for. Begonia’s are known for their amazing colours and unique leaves and will be happy in both sun and shade - just no direct light, as it can burn her delicate leaves.

    For the sunny living room, Zara the Alocasia is a real head turner. She has incredible zebra patterned stems giving her a unique look that will be sure to spark interest. She is from a humid climate and will need regular misting, making her an ideal bathroom plant.

    Curly the lipstick plant is easy-to-care for, which makes him a fantastic option for beginner plant owners. His foliage is quirky (he takes his name from the ringlet-like way his leaves curl) and he’s perfectly suited to a hanging pot or on a shelf where his leaves can cascade down. Happy in almost any lighting conditions, he’ll bloom unusual red flowers if he gets more sunlight.