Air Purifying Plants

Air Purifying Plants


    IT'S LIT!

    A house plant shop selling candles? Yes – you heard it here first, folks! Here at Quirky plants, we supply a range of complimentary products that help us on our mission: to create a greener, happier, healthier planet for all.


    Air purifying plants are akin to your own personal, portable oxygen generating machine – with the added value of looking cute as a button and chic as a chandelier. Our selection of air purifying plants have been hand selected for their ability to clean the air around you – so whether you want to breathe easier in your home or office, this is the ideal, eco-friendly way to do just that.

    It isn't just us saying this, some of the plants below have even been proven by NASA to be some of the best air purifiers in the business. So take a deep (fresh) breath and browse our range of air purifying plants, below.

    20 products

    20 products


    Which are the best air purifying plants?

    For the bedroom, you’ll want to introduce Sammy the sansevieria zeylanica into your lair. If you’ve ever suffered ophidiophobia, you might not believe it but hear us out: snake plants make s-s-superb bedroom plants. As you sleep, their pointed leaves purify the air, removing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde found in synthetic fabrics, plastics and detergents and releasing oxygen in its place.

    You might not have considered buying a NASA-approved houseplant, but let us introduce you to Lily, the spathiphyllum vivaldi or peace lily. While she’ll be hard at work overnight, she’s a little picky when it comes to conditions - so keep her in a sunny spot such as a bedroom windowsill or one in the bathroom, as she’s also keen on humidity. For her iconic white bloom to occur, the sunnier her location the better.

    Which air purifying plants are easy-care and good for homes with pets?

    Plants and pets don’t generally mix well, although there are a few exceptions. Easy-care and non-toxic to your four-legged family members is the chlorophytum bonnie or spider plant. With narrow, streamer-like leaves in different shades of green that billow out and over her pot, she’s as pretty as a picture and does her bit to remove toxins from the air.


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