Euphorbia Ingens Care Guide


Also known as the candelabra tree. The tree is naive to Southern Africa.   


Carlos is happiest in bright sunlight. He will prefer a south or west facing window with as much light as possible. Place him a few feet away from any sunny window where he can enjoy as much sunlight as possible. Lighting-wise Carlos pairs perfectly with Sasha, the citrus tree and Alex.


In the summer months he will need regular watering if placed in a sunny spot. Allow his soil to dry out before you water him again to prevent root rot. In the winter when sunlight is minimal he can go the entire dormancy season without water. If he receives a lot of artificial light from a growth light then he will continue to grow and will need watering more often. Grab our stylish silver and white watering can to help keep him hydrated. 


Carlos will be happy in normal indoor humidity levels. He won’t make a fuss in dry spaces like other tropical plants. 


The perfect indoor temperature for the cactus is between 20-24°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 20°C Carlos will be happy. 


Use a cacti fertiliser twice a month in the growing season from March - September. Do not fertilise in the winter months. 


He is a slower grower and can spend many years in his original pot. After a few years when it’s time to repot use a cacti potting mix with plenty of materials like sand, perlite and bark mixed in with the soil for fast drainage. Check out our incredible peat free potting mix.


  Rotting /mushy black stem -  this a sign of overwatering. If his soil stays too moist for a long period of time this can lead to root rot.


 Leaning stems - Carlos will naturally lean towards any light source, rotate his pot weekly for more even growth.


Yellow leaves - this can be caused from underwatering. Feel the first few inches of his soil and if it feels dry then it’s time for a water.


Mushrooms/mould on top soil - this is caused when the soil stays too wet for a long period of time. You can remove them by using a teaspoon and then placing cinnamon on the top soil to keep the mushrooms and mould at bay. If his soil is staying wet for long periods of time this could lead to root rot. Repot him in dry fresh cacti potting soil.



Top tip 1: When it's time to repot place bubble wrap around the plant and use gloves to avoid any injuries. 

Top tip 2: Use a cotton bud dipped in diluted neem oil to keep his spirals clean and free from any bugs. 

Top tip 3: Carlos is very prone to root rot if overwatered. Keep his soil on the drier side to prevent any excessively wet soil.

carlos garcia lord-prickle fortifying-houseplant-fertiliser peat-free-soil