Chlorophytum Orchidastrum Care Guide


Also known as the Mandarin plant, orange spider plant and the fire flash plant. The fire flash plant is native to rainforests in East and West Africa.


Freya loves the sunshine. She will grow quickly when placed near a large window or in a bright conservatory. Keep her leaves half a metre away from any south facing windows especially in the summer months when the sun is at its strongest. 


Freya doesn’t like her soil to dry out and would prefer regular watering. If placed near a window in the summer months she will need thorough watering several times a week. This can be reduced in the cooler months when Freya is not actively growing and sunlight is limited.


Keep her in a humid room, next a humidifier or in a steamy bathroom. She’s a tropical plant that needs plenty of humidity to keep crispy leaves at bay. Find out how you can increase your humidity here.


Freya prefers to be in a warm and draft-free room. Keep the temperatures consistent and between 18ºC-28ºC. The warmer the room the more frequently you'll have to water her.


Freya is a fair grower and can be fertilised once a month with a diluted houseplant fertiliser. Only fertilise from the months of March-September and do not fertilise in the winter months as this could shock your plant.


Only re-pot Freya when you notice plenty of large roots sticking out of her nursery pot. This is a sign that she has outgrown her current home and is ready for a bigger size. Do not re-pot in the winter months as this could send Freya into shock during her dormant period.



Brown tips/ spot  - This could happen for a couple of reasons 

  1. Freya has had a bad reaction to the chemicals found in tap water. Use filtered or rain water if possible. 
  2. Not enough humidity. She’s a tropical plant that will benefit from plenty of moisture in the air. 

Drooping foliage - This usually happens when Freya is ready for a drink. It’s also best to check the first few inches of her soil to make sure it is dry before watering again.

Lower yellow leaves -  The occasional yellow leaf is nothing to worry about, however if the problem continues it would be best to reduce your watering schedule. 


Top tip 1: Clean Freya’s leaves for dust weekly so she can absorb as much light as possible. 

Top tip 2: For even growth rotate Freya’s pot weekly or every time you water her so each part of her foliage gets equal amounts of light. 

Top tip 3: Place Freya near a bright window and she will reward you with plenty of new growth. 

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