Crassula Hobbit Care Guide

Also known as the Jade plant, money tree or lucky plant. The Jade plant is native to Mozambique and South Africa.


Jade is happiest in bright sunlight. She can be placed in the windowsill of an east or west-facing window. While Jade can take direct sunlight it is best to place her in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight all day, especially in the summer.


Allow Jade’s soil to dry out completely before she is watered again. Jade can go anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months without water. In the winter months, significantly cut back on her watering schedule.


Jade can tolerate normal household humidity. A humid environment may promote faster growth.


The ideal temperature for Jade is between 20ºC-26ºC. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 20°C Jade will be happy.


Use our fortifying fertiliser once a month in the growing season from March - September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Jade is a slow grower and can be kept in her original nursery pot for a few years. When it’s time to repot use our peat free soil with a mixture of perlite and orchid bark mixed in with the soil.



Rotting/mushy black stem - This a sign that Jade has been overwatered. Allow the soil to completely dry out before you water again.

Leaning stems - Jade may naturally lean towards any light source. Rotate her pot weekly for more even growth.

Yellow leaves - This can be caused from under watering. Feel the first few inches of her soil and if it feels dry then it’s time for a drink.

 Mushrooms/mould on top soil - This is caused when the soil stays too wet for a long period of time. You can remove the mushroom by using a teaspoon to carefully scoop it out. Then place some cinnamon on the top soil to keep the mushrooms and mould at bay. If her soil is staying wet for long periods of time this could lead to root rot. Repot her in dry, fresh cacti potting soil.


Top tip 1: Jade is poisonous if ingested. Keep her on a high surface away from young children and pets. 

Top tip 2: Clean Jade’s leaves with our beautifying leaf shine every 3 weeks to keep dust and dirt at bay. 

Top tip 3: Jade is very prone to root rot if overwatered. Keep her soil on the drier side to prevent any excessively wet soil.