Aeschynanthus Rasta Care Guide


Also known as the lipstick plant. The lipstick plant is native to Malaysia.



Curly isn’t one to fuss and will be happy in all types of light. She is low light tolerant but will prefer much brighter light. If placed in a south facing room keep her a few feet away from the windows to avoid burning her leaves. Brighter light will encourage her flowers to bloom. Lighting wise Curly pairs perfectly with the lemon tree and Fiona


Let her soil dry out a little before her next watering. She’s very drought tolerant and will forgive you if you forget to water her. If she is placed in a shady spot she will only need watering once every few weeks. It’s best to check her soil weekly and water when the first three inches are dry.


She will be happy in high and low levels of humidity however Curly prefers a higher humidity but it’s not something she will fuss over like other tropical plants. Find out how to increase humidity in your home here.


Curly can tolerate temperatures between 22-28°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 21°C Curly will be happy.


Curly will bloom flowers in the growth season. Fertilise her with our fortifying fertiliser once every 4 weeks in the months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months. 


Curly be repotted yearly in the spring to promote growth. She’s a fast growing plant that will easily outgrown her original pot. Repot her in a potting mix filled with drainage materials such as perlite and bark. Go green with our peat free potting mix.



 Yellow leaves - Yellow leaves can be a sign of cold shock. If possible keep her in a room that doesn’t doesn’t dip cooler than 21°C. Keep her away from any open windows, drafts or air vents.


Shrivelling leaves - Her leaves will shrivel or start to wrinkle when she is ready for a drink. Check the first couple of inches of her soil before you water to make sure it is dry.


 Browning leaves - Browning leaves can be a sign that she is ready for a drink. If you notice her soil has completely dried out this could cause browning leaves. 



Top tip 1: Keep Curly in brighter light to help encourage flowering. 

Top tip 2: Place her in your bedroom, she will help purify the air while you sleep. 

Top tip 3: Use our beautifying leaf shine once every 3 weeks to help keep Curly's foliage free from dust.


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