Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Care Guide

Also known as the Bonsai Tree. The Bonsai tree is native to Malaysia and Taiwan.



The Bonsai is happiest in bright light. He will prefer a sunny spot or somewhere that gets 4-5 hours of light a day. Placing Bonsai in a room where he can get lots of morning or evening sun would be ideal.



The Bonsai tree likes regular watering. Check his soil once a week to make sure it feels dry before you water. If Bonsai is getting a lot of sunshine he may need watering more frequently. Especially in the summer months.



The Bonsai tree is a real humidity lover. Mist his leaves every couple of days and place a pebble tray underneath his pot. Water the pebbles regularly and the moisture from the pebbles will help increase humidity levels around Bonsai.



The perfect indoor temperature for Bonsai is between 17-23°C. He’s from a warm climate so the normal indoor temperature is ideal for him.



To promote growth use fertiliser every 2 weeks in the months from March-September.



Bonsai is a fast growing plant. Re-pot Bonsai every 2-3 years. When you go to re-pot him, use a well drained potting mix. There are soils specifically designed for Bonsai trees. You can also check the bottom of the nursery pot, if you can see his roots sticking out the bottom it's time to repot.



Yellow leaves - The most common reason is over watering but the yellow leaves could also be a sign of under watering or overexposure to sunlight.

 Drooping leaves or wilting branches - This is a common sign that the soil is lacking nutrients. Your Bonsai could be telling you that he is in need of some of the nutrients found in fertiliser. Be sure to only feed him every two weeks in the summer months.

Leaves turning yellow, then dropping - If his soil dries out completely he will go into stress. His leaves will turn yellow and they will drop. Feel his soil every week to make sure he never completely dries out.

 Dropping leaves - This is usually a sign of overwatering, drafts or not enough sunlight. Bonsai can be sensitive to drafts and prefers sunlight to thrive.



Top tip 1: Bonsai has very delicate roots that sometimes need a good clean out. Use a paint brush to get into those hard to reach spots to remove any fallen leaves or dust.

Top tip 2: Once Bonsai has settled into his new environment, avoid moving him around too much. This will cause stress and leaf loss.

Top tip 3: To help Bonsai from dropping his leaves keep him away from any drafts or open windows.