Boston Fern Care Guide


Also known as the Sword fern or Nephrolepis exaltata. Boston Ferns are native to tropical regions of the world such as West Indies, South America, Polynesia and Africa.




Hamish will prefer a well lit room with medium/bright light. Be very careful to never put Hamish in a place where he could receive any form of direct sunlight. His fonds are very sensitive and will burn even in morning or evening sunlight. 


Hamish likes his soil to always be moist, never let him dry out or get too soggy. Water a couple of times in the summer and once a week in the winter. Always feel his soil before you water to make sure it's not too soggy. To keep his soil moist make sure to never put any drainage materials in the soil such as perlite or bark. Hamish prefers to hold onto the moisture in the soil.


Hamish needs a very humid environment. He will be best suited to a bathroom where he can enjoy the high levels of moisture. If placed in a bedroom or living room place a humidifier next to him or use a pebble tray filled with water to help increase humidity levels.


The perfect indoor temperature for Hamish is between 15-24ºC degrees celsius. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 15°C Hamish will be happy. 


Fertilise every 4 weeks, use the formula to half strength in the months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


The Boston fern will need repotting once every 2-3 years. Check for roots sticking out of the bottom of the nursery pot, this is a sign that he will need repotting.



  Brown Tips - This could be for two reasons

  1. Check to see if Hamish is getting any direct sunlight. Any direct sunlight could burn his leaves.
  2. Brown tips are also a sign of lack of humidity. Hamish prefers a very humid environment. You can place him in the bathroom or next to a humidifier to help increase his humidity. 


 Yellow leaves -  The yellow fonds can be a sign of overwatering. Hamish needs moist soil. If the soil remains too soggy soil for a long period of time this could lead to yellow leaves. 



Top tip 1: To keep his soil moist for longer avoid putting him in a terracotta pot. This material will dry out the moisture in the soil. 

Top tip 2: Hamish is so beautiful but try to avoid touching his fonds. He is quite sensitive and may turn brown as a result. 

Top tip 3:  Group your ferns and humidity loving plants together. This will help increase the moisture levels. 


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