Ingen Canarias Care Guide


Also known as the candelabra tree. The tree is native to Southern Africa.   



The Euphorbia canarias will look his best by a south facing window. Place him close to a bright window where we can enjoy as much sun as possible. Lighting-wise Lord Prickle pairs perfectly with Sasha the bird of paradise and Philippa the pineapple plant


In the summer the Euphorbia canarias will need regular watering but it’s always good to check the first few inches of soil to make sure  they’re dry before you water again. In the winter you can reduce his watering to once every few months at the most. 


The Euphorbia canarias can tolerate high and low levels of humidity. He won’t make a fuss when it comes to humidity.


The perfect indoor temperature for the Euphorbia canarias is between 20-24°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 20°C this will keep Lord Prickle happy. 


Use a diluted cacti fertiliser just twice a year in the spring and summer months only.


The Euphorbia canarias is a slow grower and can spend many years in the same pot. After 2-3 years you can repot Lord Prickle with a cacti potting mix. Find out more about repotting here 


Rotting /mushy black stem -  This is a sign that Euphorbia canarias is overwatered. If his soil stays too moist for a long period of time this can lead to root rot. 

 Leaning stems Euphorbia canarias loves the sunlight and will naturally lean towards any light source, rotate his pot weekly for more even growth. 

Yellow leaves - The Euphorbia canarias could be overwatered if he starts to turn yellow. Feel the first few inches of his soil and if it feels dry then it’s time for a water.

 Mushrooms/mould on top soil -  This happens when the soil stays too wet for a long period of time. You can remove them by using a teaspoon and then placing cinnamon on the top soil to keep the mushrooms and mould at bay. If his soil is staying wet for long periods of time this could lead to root rot. Repot him in dry fresh cacti potting soil. 


Top tip 1: When it's time to repot place bubble wrap around Lord Prickle and use gloves to avoid any injuries. 

Top tip 2: Use a cotton bud dipped in diluted neem oil to keep his spirals clean and free from any bugs. 

Top tip 3: The Euphorbia canarias can be sensitive to root rot if overwatered. Keep his soil on the drier side to prevent any excessively wet soil. 

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