Scindapsus Pictus Care Guide


Also known as the satin pothos, silver pothos or silver vine. The silver pothos is native to the Asian rainforests.


The satin pothos isn’t one to fuss and will be happy in all types of light. She is low light tolerant but also will be happy in a medium/filtered light. Lighting-wise she pairs perfectly with Eddie the golden pothos and Andy the Yucca.  


Let the satin pothos's soil dry out a little before her next watering. She’s very drought tolerant and will forgive you if you forget to water her. If she is placed in a shady spot she will only need watering once every few weeks. It’s best to check her soil weekly and water when the first three inches are dry. Grab our stylish silver and white watering can to help keep him hydrated.



The satin pothos will be happy in high and low levels of humidity although Marble doesn’t require any high levels of humidity, normal household humidity levels are good.


The silver pothos can tolerate temperatures between 15-30°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 15°C Mable will be happy.


The scindapsus pictus will push out a lot of new foliage all year round especially in a filtered sunny spot. Fertilise her with our vegan organic fertiliser or our fortifying houseplant fertiliser every 4 weeks in the months from March-September.


The silver pothos can be repotted yearly in the spring to promote faster and bigger growth. She’s a fast growing plant that will easily outgrown her original pot. Repot her in a potting mix filled with drainage materials such as perlite and bark. Check out our incredible peat free potting mix. 


  Leaves drooping - Marble the satin pothos will start to droop her leaves when she is ready for a drink.


 Yellow leaves -  Yellow leaves are usually caused by over watering. Marble does not need much water to thrive. If she is badly over watered this could lead to root rot. 

Browning tips - The browning tips is a sign that the air is too dry. Keep the satin pothos in a bathroom or near a humidifier. 


Top tip 1: Keep the silver pothos in a brighter light to avoid her variegation from fading.

Top tip 2: Pothos plants are one of the easiest houseplants to propagate. Check out our pruning and propagating blog here.

Top tip 3: Use our beautifying leaf shine on her leaves to keep the foliage vibrant and healthy.


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