Neon Pothos Care Guide

Also known as the Epipremnum aureum. The neon pothos is native to the Solomon Islands, Polynesian Islands and South East Asia.



The neon pothos can thrive in all types of lighting. Keep the neon pothos out of direct sunlight as any harsh sun will cause the foliage to wilt and die. Although the neon pothos is very low light tolerant, it will grow much faster in a brighter light. Lighting-wise, the neon pothos pairs perfectly with Bonnie the spider plant and Conrad the dumb cane.


The neon pothos is fairly drought tolerant and can go 2-3 weeks without water in the winter months. In the hotter months check the first few inches of soil twice a week and only water when it is dry. The neon pothos will start to curl or droop its leaves when it's ready for a drink.


The neon pothos won’t object to a humid climate however high humidity levels aren’t essential to Flash’s survival. If you notice a few browning leaves it might be worth increasing the humidity in your home. Read our blog on increasing humidity to find out more.


The ideal temperature for the neon pothos is between 18ºC-24ºC. Keep Flash away from any draughts or radiators which will cause him unnecessary strain.


Use the fortifying fertiliser once every 3-4 weeks from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months while the plant is in dormancy.


The neon pothos is a very fast grower and can be left in its original pot for the first 12-18 months. Only repot the pothos when lots of roots are sticking out of the nursery pot holes.



 Crispy brown leaves -The leaf tips may turn brown/crispy if the air is too dry. Place the neon pothos in a bathroom or on top of a pebble tray.

 Curling leaves - The curling leaves are a sign that the neon pothos is ready for a drink. Feel the first few inches of soil and only water if they are dry.

 Thin leaves - The thin leaves could be a sign that the neon pothos is not getting enough light. Move the pothos to a brighter spot with plenty of indirect light.



Top tip 1: The neon pothos is one of the easiest and most popular houseplants to be propagated. Check out our propagating blog for more information. The propagation season is March-September.

Top tip 2: To encourage variegation, place the neon pothos in a brighter spot with plenty of natural light.

Top tip 3: Use our beautifying leaf shine once every 2-3 weeks on Flash’s leaves to remove any dirt or dust.