Ponytail Palm Care Guide


Also known as the ponytail palm or elephant’s foot plant. The ponytail palm is native to dry parts of Mexico.


Percy prefers the sunshine and will be happiest near a south or west facing window. He can tolerate less natural light but would much prefer a sunny spot. Lighting-wise Percy pairs perfectly with Alex and Sasha who also both love the sunshine.  


Percy likes his soil to dry out completely before he is watered again. He can go many weeks without water and won’t put up a fuss if forgotten about. In the winter water him even less frequently.


Percy is from a dry climate and doesn’t need high levels of humidity to survive. 


Percy loves warm temperatures and should be placed in a room between 21ºC-28ºC. Keep Percy away from any open windows that could let in a cold draft.


Percy won’t grow very quickly and should only be fertilised once every 2-3 months in the growing season. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Percy can stay in his original nursery pot for many years as he is a slow grower. Only re-pot Percy when plenty of large roots are sticking out of his nursery pot. Do not re-pot Percy in the winter months as this could cause shock to his root system.



Yellow lower leaves -  The occasional yellow fond is normal but if the problem continues then it might be worth reducing your watering schedule.


Brown tips - This could be a sign of two things:

  1. Percy is ready for a drink. Check his soil and make sure it is dry before watering again. Never water Percy if the topsoil is damp.
  2. A bad reaction to tap water. The brown tips may be an indication that the chemicals found in tap water are upsetting his root system. Use filtered or rain water moving forward.


Top tip 1: If possible water Percy with filtered or rain water. You may notice some brown tips if the water in your area is too harsh for his root system. 

Top tip 2: If possible keep Percy away from cats as they have a tendency to play and claw at his foliage. 

Top tip 3:  Keep Percy on the drier side as he is very sensitive to root rot. When watering only use a small volume of water until his soil is evenly moist. 

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