English Ivy Care Guide


Also known as the English Ivy. The English Ivy is native to the Caucasus mountains, Norway and Northern Africa.


Rapunzel will be happiest in a bright indirect light. To keep his variegation from fading, place him in a very bright room.  Rapunzel can tolerate lower lighting conditions in the winter months and should be moved closer to the window for more light exposure. Lighting-wise Rapunzel pairs perfectly with Fiona, Daniel and Melany.


Rapunzel will need regular watering and should be watered when the first two inches of soil are dry. In the winter months his watering schedule can be reduced. Rapunzel is not a drought tolerant plant and will start to brown if left to dry out for a long period of time.


Like more tropical houseplants Rapunzel is a humidity-loving plant and should be placed near a humidifier or in a bathroom. Find out how you can increase humidity here.


Rapunzel is flexible when it comes to temperature. He can cope with a cooler room of 10ºC but also will thrive in a warm room between the temperatures of 18ºC-22ºC.


Rapunzel can be fertilized with our fortifying houseplant fertiliser once every 3-4 weeks in the spring and summer months. Do not fertilise Rapunzel in the winter months as this will shock his root system.


Rapunzel is a fast grower and should be repotted once every 1-2 years. Check the bottom of his nursery pot for large roots pushing their way out of the drainage holes. This is a sign that he is ready for a new home. Find our environmentally friendly potting mix here.



 Crispy brown edges - The leaf tips may turn brown/crispy if the air is too dry. Find out how you can increase humidity here. Keep Rapunzel’s foliage out of direct sunlight and away from radiators as this can further dry out his foliage.

 Lower yellow leaves - In most cases this is completely normal. The lower leaves may turn yellow and fall off when Rapunzel is trying to push through new growth. If this continues you might want to decrease your watering schedule. 

 Yellow leaves -  There are a few reasons that Rapunzel could turn yellow. 

  1. Over watering. Check Rapunzel’s soil once a week and only water when the first few inches of soil are dry. 
  2. Rapunzel is getting too much light. Harsh direct sunlight can burn the foliage and turn it yellow.



Top tip 1: Rapunzel is a popular and easy plant to propagate. Check out our pruning and propagation blog for more information. Propagating season is March-September.

Top tip 2: To prevent Rapunzel’s variegation from fading, place him in a well lit room with plenty of natural light. 

Top tip 3: Use our beautifying leaf shine on Rapunzel’s leaves once every 3 weeks to keep his foliage fresh.

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