Sansevieria Boncel Care Guide

Also known as the snake plant and mother-in-law tongue. The snake plant is native to West Africa.


Sansevieria Boncel's quirky leaves can easily burn in direct sunlight and should be shielded from the sun wherever possible. Keep her in a well lit room for optimal growth. She will also tolerate low lit rooms provided there is some natural light. Lighting-wise Malala pairs perfectly with Foxy and Zoe.


Malala is a drought tolerant plant and can go many weeks without water. Check her soil every month and only water when her soil has completely dried out. She is the ideal plant for office environments and people who have busy lifestyles that might not be able to water their plants regularly.


Malala isn’t a humidity loving plant and will thrive in normal household humidity.


Malala prefers a warm climate but will thrive in a cooler or draughty room. Keep the temperature between 18ºC-25ºC.


Use our fortifying fertiliser once a month between the months of March-September.  Avoid fertilising in the winter months when Malala will be in dormancy.


Malala is a slow grower and can spend a few years in her original nursery pot. When it’s time to repot, read our repot like a pro blog for tips on repotting successfully.



 Yellow leaves/brown spots -  This could be a sign of overwatering. Malala can easily be overwatered and should be left for her soil to completely dry out.

 Soft or droopy leaves - The droopy leaves could suggest Malala is ready for a drink. Make sure her soil has completely dried out before you water her again.  

 Pale leaves - The pale leaves could be a sign of not enough natural light. Place Malala closer to a window for more access to natural light.


Top tip 1: Rotate Malala’s pot regularly so each part of her foliage has equal access to the light. 

Top tip 2: Malala was announced by Nasa as one of the best air purifying plants to have in your home. Place her in your bedroom for cleaner air while you sleep. 

Top tip 3: To remove dust from Malala’s leaves use our beautifying leaf shine every 3 weeks. Clean leaves will help to absorb more light.