The Whale Fin Care Guide


Also known as the shark fin plant and whale fin plant. The whale fin plant is native to Democratic Republic of the Congo. 


Finn isn’t one to fuss and can cope with different levels of light. He is tolerant of low lighting which makes him a good winter plant. Finn will also thrive and is more likely to produce babies in a well lit room. The perfect indoor plant to pair Finn with is Foxy and Zoe who also can tolerate a room with less natural light.


Finn likes his soil on the dry side. The only time you will need to water Finn is when his soil has completely dried out. In the summer this might be only once a month and in the cooler months his watering schedule can be reduced further. 


Finn is from a dry climate and can tolerate low levels of humidity. He does not need to be placed in a humid room or near a humidifier.


Finn is a tropical plant but can adapt to his surroundings. Keep the temperature consistent and between 21ºC-28ºC. If the temperature dips lower than 18ºC you may notice Finn’s stem drooping.


Finn is a slow grower and does not need regular fertilising. One every 2-3 months in the growth season should be sufficient. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Finn can live in his original pot for many years. Re-pot Finn once every 2-3 years or whenever his roots start growing out of the nursery pot. Do not re-pot Finn in the winter months as this could cause shock to his root system.



Yellow leaves/brown spots -  This is a sign that Finn has been overwatered. Allow his soil to completely dry out before watering again. 

Pale leaves - Lack of sunlight can cause Finn’s leaves to pale.  


Top tip 1: Give Finn’s leaves a weekly dust so he is able to absorb as much light as possible. 

Top tip 2: Finn is one of the best air purifying plants announced by Nasa. Place him in your bedroom for cleaner air while you sleep. 

Top tip 3:  Keep Finn’s soil on the drier side as he is very sensitive to root rot. When watering only use a small volume of water until his soil is evenly moist.

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