3 Houseplants That Will Bring You Luck And Prosperity


We all need a little luck from time to time. Our three lucky plants are often given as gifts to a loved one who is celebrating a new beginning or is in need of some extra support. These three plants are most commonly found on office desks and are given to colleagues, friends and family members to pass on prosperity and success. The Chinese money plant, Bonsai tree and the money tree are especially important to have around during a big change. These gorgeous, leafy plants have got you covered for any occasion - good or bad.

The Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai tree has been beloved in Japan, Taiwan and China for thousands of years. Not only is the Bonsai tree collected for its incredibly stylish look but it has been celebrated for its abilities to bring good luck and success. It is traditionally given as a gift and should be placed in the sunniest part of your home (ideally the living room). It is said that those who receive a bonsai tree from a loved one should expect to receive an abundance of good luck and success. Pick one of our grey, metallic or black pots to match the style of your space.


Chinese Money Plant

Lucy the Chinese Money plant has made a huge impact in the houseplant world and is often given to family members who are in need of some good luck or are hoping to receive good news. The Chinese Money plant is small and compact so its easy-to-maintain foliage can be placed on any small shelf or surface. While the Chinese Money plant is an extremely popular plant for beginners, not many people know about her lucky abilities. We suggest placing her in a home office or study so she can keep you company during those tedious zoom calls. The Chinese Money plant really embodies the happy-go-lucky phase and will undouby bring a little good luck into your space.

The Money Tree

Paddy The money tree is another very popular houseplant known for its lucky abilities. In Japan, a successful study was conducted to test whether plants could reduce stress in the workplace. This study has a very positive outcome with participants saying they felt less stressed surrounded by nature. We believe Paddy the money tree is the ideal office plant. The money tree is calming to look at and will help to boost morale in the office. 

Paddy the money tree can also be placed in the entrance hall to greet your guests as they enter your home. If you’ve got a friend that’s a bit down on their luck, try to brighten their day by sending some good vibes in the form of a leafy friend.


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