Houseplant Health Benefits

Plants look pretty, but they are also very clever. The smart undercover work of plants can contribute to the improvement of our human health. Plants and humans literally go hand in hand. Of course houseplants need some caring attention which can put people off, but they will repay your hard work by making you feel amazing.

Houseplants Create Oxygen

Firstly, let's talk about Oxygen. It's very important, we need it to keep alive. More oxygen can make us feel more alive, recover from hangovers and help us during moments of breathing difficulties. If your room ever feels a little bit stuffy or gives you a stale headache, you need a few more green Oxygen generating machines. Plants create their energy through photosynthesising. More simply, they take Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight and use their chemicals to spit out loads of oxygen for us.  What happens during the night? Plants stop this photosynthesising process :( But, some amazing plants that we call, 'Bedroom Busters' including our Snake Plant 'Sammy' continue to turn Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. This is why people have reported that houseplants improve their sleep.

Air Purifying Plants- Here is a list of our top Air purifying plants. Researched by NASA, not us! The name in brackets is what to look for on our website! 

Sansevieria Zeylanica, Black Coral Snake Plant  ('Sammy')

Sansevieria Plant  ('Steve')

- Boston Fern, Nephrolepis exaltata, sword fern  ('Hamish')

- Chinese Evergreen Plant, Aglaonema ('Conrad')

- English Ivy, Hedera helix ('Ivy')

- Golden Pothos, Epipremnum aureus, Devils Ivy ('Eddie')

Houseplants Clean The Air

A combination of these plants will remove a lot of Ammonia, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehydes and Benzene from the air you breathe. (These are chemical most often found in cleaning products.

Healing Houseplants

Houseplants add moisture to the air to increase the humidity around us. This can have massive benefits on dry skin, dry/sore throats and winter coughs. A study conducted by Texas A&M University found that patients in a hospital exposed to houseplants improved their recovery time, decreased blood pressure and reported less pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Having Houseplants around you can really be a boost.

Houseplants Improve Productivity 

Do plants make you work better? A number of studies have found having plants in an office or work environment improves concentration, productivity and even memory up to 20%. Plants not only make the air you breathe clearer but also they make your thinking clearer!

Houseplants And Mindfulness

Sometimes taking time out from your busy day to tend and care for your plants can slow your thoughts in your mind. The simple act of watering your plants can reduce stress and improve sense of well being. When doing these tasks try to focus on just your plants and let other thoughts pass as if they are clouds moving in the sky. Spending 10 minutes a day to have a moment of chill can really help. Amazingly, it has been found that microbes in soil actually release smells that act as anti depressants. A walk in a forest, garden or by having plants around you can literally be your medicine.

Houseplants Absorb Radiation

Our electrical devices emit EMF radiation which in high quantities can cause us to have physical symptoms such as, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. NASA have found that plants and in particular Cacti are amazing at reducing EMF radiation. Put a cactus in front of your computer and let it take the radiation hit while you can put your feet up. 

Top Radiation Absorbing Plants-

Snake Plant, Sansevieria Zeylanica ('Sammy')

Sansevieria Plant ('Steve')

- Cactus Euphorbia Eritrea Variegata  ('Garcia')

- Howea Forsteriana, Kentia Palm ('Kentia')

Houseplants are amazing! Create Your Jungle, and feel the benefits of bringing nature indoors.






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