Houseplant Lighting Guide

Houseplant Lighting Guide

Why Do Plants Need Sunlight?

As you can imagine sunlight is very important for houseplants. Only a small amount of nutrients from the soil actually help to form the structure of a plant. The important part is from the amazing sun. Plants use Carbon Dioxide and their own chemicals as well as sunlight to produce Oxygen and sugars to feed and form the structure of the plant. Now we know sunlight is very important, how much sunlight does your indoor plant need? and can you plant every get too much sun?

How Much Sunlight Does My Houseplant Need?

In all of our blogs you will be able to see that we really recommend getting to know your plants and learning more about them. Get to love your plant, do not be scared of your plant, knowledge is key. Once you understand where your plant comes from you will be able to understand your plants needs. Here's an example. Monty, our lovely Monstera Deliciosa (or Swiss Cheese Plant) is from the jungle. Monty, is a climbing plant he climbs up trees to find sunlight. He starts along the forest floor which is shady and small amounts of filtered light and climbs up trees to get more sunlight. From this we can understand that our Monstera likes filtered sunlight as well as a bit of direct sunlight. Now we have to find the perfect room for him with those lighting conditions. Remember houseplants are very adaptable and will deal with less than perfect conditions, you just have to give them time.

Shall I Put My Houseplant Next To The Window?

Houseplants do love light so next to the window is often a great place. Here's a few things to consider. Is your window North, East, South or West facing. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. These windows are great for most houseplants as they will be getting the weaker morning or evening sunlight. If your window is North facing it will get the least amount of light so it is best to go for a plant that doesn't like as much sunlight such as a Calathea. If you have a South facing window you will have plenty of sunlight. During the summer strong midday sunlight can cause leaves to burn so keep that in mind when looking for a position to place your indoor plants. You can always create filtered sunlight by putting plants together or other objects creating some shady areas.

Can My Houseplant Get Too Much Sunlight?

Most plants love the sun. But, after understanding your plants, you might find out that it prefers shady areas such as a fern. Too much sunlight will cause leaves to burn. They will become crisp in places or obvious burn marks will appear on leaves. If this happens make sure you create a bit of shade for your plant during the strong midday sun.

What Happens If My Plant Doesn't Get Enough Sunlight?

The good news is a plant will not die instantly so it gives you plenty of time to adapt your plants conditions. If your houseplant isn't getting enough sunlight, leaves can turn a yellow colour. Most commonly if you houseplant isn't getting enough sunlight, growth will slow and your plant may become dangly and weak. In the winter time a lack of sunlight and cooler temperature will cause your plants to become dormant. This is nothing to worry about and your plant may drop a few leaves. Once the sunlight comes back your plant will fully recover.


We hope this guide helps, if you need anymore help please contact us. We recommend researching your plant and getting to know it a little bit better. This will really help with your plants overall care and health.

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