The Best Pet Safe Plants

The Best Pet Safe HousePlants

Plants may look pretty but some of them may cause you or your pets some irritation if they are eaten. Do not blame the plants, they are just trying to survive just like you and me. They taste horrible and cause irritation so you do not go back and eat them again as a regular meal.

Poison Prevention for indoor plants

Here are a few tips to keep your animals away from your plants. 

- Smells can keep pets away from plants. You can buy sprays that act as a deterrent towards your animals. Some natural deterrents can be garlic and rosemary.

- Use a pot with legs to keep the plant away from your pet. You can also keep it on a higher surface unless you have a climbing cat.

- If your pet loves to dig cover the plants soil in stones to prevent the temptation of digging mud.

- Finally, buy a pet safe plant!

Pet Safe Plants

Here is a great guide for toxic plants and symptoms your pet may get. Toxic plant guide.

We have a pet safe plant section on our website or send us a message if you need any other help. It is very rare for your pet to become very ill after eating a plant as they will often not eat a big enough quantity.

Here is our list of our Top 5 Plants that are considered non toxic to our loved ones.
1. 'Kentia' - Kentia Palm
2. 'Ollie'- Calathea Orbifolia
3. 'Ruby'- Calathea Roseopicta
4. 'Lucy' - Pilea Peperomoides
5. 'Cathy' - Calathea Medallion
We still recommend that you do not feed your pets our plants. Stick to Pet food:)

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