Plant Care

Plant Care



A house plant shop selling candles? Yes – you heard it here first, folks! Here at Quirky plants, we supply a range of complimentary products that help us on our mission: to create a greener, happier, healthier planet for all.


In need of some plant accessories to keep your leafy allies happy as Larry? (or Eddie – he’s a really chilled guy!). Our propagating stands help you turn your plant off-cuts into fresh, luscious, new plants to add to your ever-growing indoor jungle.

Our Sass & Belle water misters are funky and functional and keep those leaves happy and hydrated. Why not add a dash of fabulous fragrance using our Nomad Society reed diffusers – or gift your fellow plant lovers with a Quirky Plants handmade Monstera leaf?

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1 product


While plants may be your passion, there are plenty of accessories that will make your leafy friends - and yourself - feel happier and healthier. One way is to grow your indoor jungle using our propagating stands. Both cute and stylish, these propagating stands are both functional and stylish and perfect for your mantlepiece or bookshelf.

Our Sass & Belle decorative glass and ceramic misters will be welcomed by your tropical plants, who’ll be delighted by the extra attention (and the humidity!). Most of our plants are scent free, so how about adding natural aromas with the aid of an eco-friendly reed diffuser? Release heady notes of orange blossom and musk into your home thanks to their luxurious scents, or pair them with a wonderfully relaxing candle or calming crystal - the perfect ingredients for a restorative evening in. 

Alternatively, dive into our handmade gifts for fellow plant lovers with a Monstera leaf keychain, which will make a great gift for a fellow plant lover.

Monty the monstera growing too tall? Our moss poles have the solution for that. Indoor plants like the pothos, monstera and philodendrons are natural climbers and, in the summer months, you’ll see them grow very quickly. Rein in their rapid growth without their foliage getting out of control with the use of a moss pole that they’ll happily grow up and around.  


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If you have received a damaged plant or within 30 days you have any trouble after following our care guidance we will offer you a replacement.


Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025 to help save our environment.