Cool Grey Clay Pots

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Pictures featuring Monty, Carlos, Ollie, Sonny, Foxy, Paddy, Maya  & Spiral Cactus. (Plants sold separately)

Fresh, functional, trendy pot for everyone and anyone. If you're a cool Gheezer or not a cool Gheezer or not even a Gheezer this pot is for you.

Made out of Fibreclay giving the pot a rustic cool clay look to it.

Top Tip- Make sure when you put the planted pot into the clay pot, we advise not to directly plant into the decorative pot and always remember to drain excess water from the decorative pot to avoid roots sitting in the excess water.


Sizing can be a little bit confusing. The most important part is the pot diameter. Make sure it matches up with our recommendation. Don't worry too much about pot height

Fits 10cm Plant (Diameter 10cm, Height 11cm, Width 13cm)

Fits 11cm Plant (Diameter 11.5cm, Height 11cm, Width 12cm)

Fits 15cm Plant (Diameter 15cm, Height 15cm, Width 17cm)- Made out of Sandstone

Fits 16cm Plant (Diameter 16cm, Height 18cm, Width 18cm)

Fits 19cm Plant (Diameter 20cm, Height 22cm, Width 26cm)

Choose a plant that we recommend fits.