Lauren - The Bay Tree

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Hello, I’m Lauren! The Bay Tree or Laurus Nobilis. You can sometimes find me sitting in the shade, but I'm just as happy on a sunny patio or balcony!!! I'm known by various names such as Bay, Laurel, Sweet Bay and True Laurel.....(Yes, I have a lot of names, but I'm definitely not pretentious!) I'm a very popular girl and an evergreen shrub - meaning I will look gorgeous for you all year round. I originate from the Mediterranean - but I can now be found all around the world.

 In ancient Greece I was called Daphne, after the mythic mountain nymph of the same name. We are frequently mentioned in ancient Greek mythology, most importantly in the myth of Apollo and Daphne where the God Apollo fell in love with Daphne. Even today the Bay Tree symbolises success, status, courage and strength.

People cultivate Bay Trees in ornamental purpose and they can be pruned into various shapes, they are also widely used as as a source of essential oils used in the cosmetic and medical industry. But....The most popular use of my leaves (when dried) is as a herb used in European cooking, Especially found in well known Italian dishes.... plus I also smell pretty amazing too!

I can grow as a tree with a single trunk or as a bush composed of multiple trunks.  I tend to grow quickly, so I may need additional pruning in the summer to maintain and keep me in good shape, I am, however, a very low maintenance Bay Tree! I need a soil based compost, as it provides longer lasting nutrients, and I also love the sun! I need to be watered regularly with well-drained soil during the growing season, I will need less water in the winter months. My favourite position is in full sun and I will look amazing outside your front door, on your patio, or planted in your garden. 

I’m slow growing, especially if kept in a container and I’ll only hit heights of two or three metres in your home.

Height (including nursery pot) 75cm; pot diameter 19cm; Fits 20-22cm decorative pot.