Monty in a Woven pot

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Hello, I'm Monty the Monstera deliciosa but people call me the Swiss cheese plant - it's because of the unusual holey nature of my leaves. I'm often referred to as the 'monster plant' but don't be afraid of me, I'm a nice guy really and a great beginner indoor plant: low maintenance and one of the fastest growing houseplants around. Yep I can do it all! I'm pretty hard to kill plant unless you place me in a room with no windows or you overwater me.

I've been admired by indoor plant owners for some time now. I came originally from the tropical forests of Mexico and South America and grow so quickly.

My incredible leaves are so unique, I definitely deserve a prime spot in your home for all to enjoy. My goal is to add a touch of the tropics in your home.

Have I tempted you yet to add another houseplant to your collection?

Small Monstera height (including nursery pot) 45-55cm; pot diameter 12cm.