Olivia - The Olive Tree

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Hello, I’m Olivia the Olive Tree! I’m not only legendary and known as "The Tree of Eternity" but I will also bear edible fruit in the right conditions. I'm big in Greek Mythology where I was brought into being by 'the Goddess Athena', Legend has it she won a contest with Poseidon. He brought a gift of the Sea, whilst she brought an Olive Tree. The Sea was too Salty to drink and so Athena won as her gift was more useful, as it not only produced food, but oil for lighting, and wood for heat and building. Athena won the contest and Athens was named in her honour, even today an Olive tree stands where this contest took place and it is said that all the Olive Trees in Athens are descended from this very tree. 

My Latin name, ​Olea Europaea​, means European Olive, I am from small tree family Oleaceae and I can be widely found all over beautiful Mediterranean gardens. I originated in Turkey but quickly spread through out the Mediterranean 6000 years ago, and now can be found all over Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and South Africa. 

I can cope with the harshest of conditions, living for thousands of years and have adapted well to the British weather!  I'm a hardy plant that won't mind periods of drought or cold, but being a sun loving plant I will more likely produce Olives when I have access to lots of lovely sun.

I will add a beautiful Mediterranean feel to any outside space - Place me in a nice Sunny spot, ideally south facing, sit back with a spritzer in hand and think of a gorgeous Greek Getaway!!!

I can grow up to 12 metres in the wild, but don’t panic: I’m very slow growing and with pruning I'm suitable for a small garden, balcony or container.

Height (including nursery pot) 80cm; pot diameter 19cm; Fits 20-22cm decorative pot.