Alocasia Portodora Care Guide


Also known as the elephant ear plant. The Alocasia Portodora is native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.


Pete prefers medium or filtered light. He can be quite sensitive to bright direct sunlight and it’s important that he is placed about a metre away from any big windows. Use Kentia or Drake as a foliage barrier to break up the intensity of light.


Pete is not drought tolerant and prefers consistently moist soil. Check his soil a few times a week and only water when the first inch of soil dries up. If Pete’s nursery pot feels very light to pick up then it’s probably time for some water. Pete is sensitive to overly wet soil and may drop a few of his stems if overwatered.


Pete loves a humid environment. The best place for Pete is next to a humidifier or in a steamy bathroom. Find out how you can increase humidity here.


Place Pete in a room between 18-25ºC degrees celsius. Pete is not cold tolerant and will need to be placed in a room with a consistent temperature.


Pete will benefit from a monthly fertiliser in the growth season from March-September. Do not fertilise him in the winter months.


Pete won’t mind being a little root bound and can be repotted once every 18 months - 2 years. Check for roots sticking out of the nursery pot before you re-pot.



Brown/crispy edges - Crispy or dry edges could be a sign of two things.


  1. Lack of humidity. If Pete is placed in a dry room he will turn brown, go into survival mode and drop some of his foliage. 
  2. Occasionally Pete’s leaves will turn brown/yellow if they have been scorched from the sun. Keep Pete away from any direct sunlight and at least 1 metre away from the window. 

Drooping leaves -  Pete prefers his soil to stay moist. If he starts to droop his foliage he could be ready for a drink. If the first few inches of soil is bone dry to the touch, water Pete thoroughly. Pour out the excess water from his decorative pot and avoid letting Pete sit in any extra water.

Yellow leaves -  Some yellowing is normal but if this is a continuous problem then it might be a sign to ease up on his watering schedule. Any wet or soggy soil will cause Pete’s foliage to yellow or brown.

Leaning or uneven growth - If Pete is in low/medium light he may start to lean towards a light source. Move him closer to a window where he can get more light. 


Top tip 1: When Pete is growing new leaves it’s important to water him more frequently as he will be using more energy. 

Top tip 2: It’s really common for Pete to lose a few leaves while he gets used to his new home. Avoid moving him around too much as this will prevent him from settling in and cause further leaf loss. 

Top tip 3: Pete has a fast leaf turnover and will drop a few stems when he is making room for new growth. 

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