Rubber Plant Care Guide


Also known as the rubber bush, rubber fig, Indian rubber tree and rubber plant. The rubber plant is native to Malaysia and Sri Lanka. 



Eraser prefers a well lit and bright room but will not tolerate direct sunlight as this will burn his leaves. Place him near a window with shutters or blinds that can offer filtered bright light or at least a metre away from any big window. Lighting-wise Eraser pairs perfectly with Freya and Monty.


Eraser prefers his soil on the dry side and can go many weeks without water. He can store a lot of water in his leaves and is very drought tolerant. In the winter months he might only need a small drink once a month. Increase his watering schedule as the summer months approach but be careful not to allow his soil to get overly wet or soggy.


Eraser loves humidity and should be placed in a humid room or steamy bathroom. Pair Eraser with Paddy, Hamish and Daniel who also love humidity. Find out how you can increase your humidity here.


Eraser prefers a warm room away from any draughty windows. Keep the temperatures consistent and between 18ºC-24ºC. The warmer the temperatures the more often you’ll have to water him.


Eraser is slow growing but can be given a diluted houseplant fertiliser once a month from the months of March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months. This will shock Eraser’s root system.


Eraser will be happy in his original pot for the first 2-3 years. Only re-pot Eraser when you notice plenty of large roots sticking out of his nursery pot. This is a sign that he has outgrown his current home and is ready for a bigger size. Do not re-pot in the winter months as this could send Eraser into shock during his dormancy period.



Brown leaves  - This could happen for a couple of reasons 

  1. Eraser might be reacting badly to the chemicals found in tap water. Use filtered or rain water if possible. (this is not very common in rubber plants but still a possible factor). 
  2. Eraser has been overwatered. Check to make sure the soil is dry before you water again.

Drooping foliage - Drooping foliage is a sign that Eraser is ready for a drink. Allow his soil to dry out in between waterings and only water when the first few inches of soil are bone dry.

Lower leaf loss -  Lower leaf loss is very common especially towards the end of the summer months. If the problem continues it would be best to reduce your watering schedule.


Top tip 1: Clean Eraser’s leaves for dust every week so he can absorb as much light as possible. 

Top tip 2: Less is more! He will thrive with a little neglect and is happy to go a few weeks without water at a time. 

Top tip 3: Keep Eraser away from any curious pets or young children. He is mildly toxic if ingested. 

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