Ficus Lyrata Care Guide


Also known as the fiddle leaf fig. The fiddle leaf fig is native to Western Africa.


Fiona needs a lot of bright indirect light. Keep her at least a metre away from any south facing window to avoid scorching her leaves. The more sunlight the better but at least six hours of sun is ideal. Lighting wise Fiona pairs perfectly with Freya and Alex.


In the summer Fiona will need a lot of water. The more sun she gets the more water she will need. She prefers to dry out before her next watering which will help prevent root rot. Always check the first two inches of her soil to make sure it is dry before you water again. In the summer she will need much more water when there's more brighter light.


Fiona requires about 40%-60% humidity levels. To raise humidity levels you can place her next to a humidifier or place a pebble tray underneath her pot.


Fiona can tolerate temperatures between 18-23°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 18°C Fiona will be happy.


Fiona is fast growing and will put out a lot of new foliage in the growth season. Fertilise her with our fortifying houseplant fertiliser once every two weeks in the months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months. 


While Fiona is a fast grower, it's good to keep her root bound as disturbing her root system can affect her health. After 2-3 years when you do come to repot her make sure there are lots of drainage materials mixed in with the soil such as perlite or bark. Go green with our peat free potting mix



Red spots on leaves - This is called Edema where the cells in the leaf absorb too much moisture and burst causing red spots. Over time this will fade and the leaf will return to green.


 Low leaf drop/ yellow leaves - This is usually a sign that there could be fungus in the soil caused by overwatering. Remove the plant from the nursery pot and if the soil feels wet and has an unpleasant smell she will need to be repotted in fresh dry soil. 


 Brown tips/ brown crispy edges - The browning tips could be two reasons:

  1. Fiona is suffering from fertiliser burn from too much fertiliser. Always use a quarter or half strength to avoid stress.
  2. Lack of humidity, keep Fiona near a humidifier or place her in a sunny bathroom.

 Brown spots on leaves - This could be a sign of bacteria in the soil. Check Fiona’s soil for excessive moisture and if her soil is wet she will need to be repotted into dry fresh soil to prevent root rot.



Top tip 1: Rotate her pot weekly for more even growth. 

Top tip 2: Thoroughly soak her soil with a hose or kitchen tap a couple of times a year to wash out any bacteria, extra fertiliser or any soil lacking in nutrients.

Top tip 3:  Use our beautifying leaf shine once every 3 weeks. Clean leaves will help to absorb more light.

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