Codiaeum Petra Care Guide


Also known as the croton plants. The croton is native to SouthEast Asia


The croton plant needs a lot of bright indirect light. Keep him at least a metre away from any south facing window to avoid scorching his leaves. The more sunlight the better but at least six hours of sun is ideal.


In the summer the croton plant will need a lot of water. He prefers consistently moist soil and is not drought tolerant. Getting the balance may be tricky as he won’t like his soil to completely dry out or be too soggy. Every week check the first 2-3 inches of the soil and make sure it is dry before watering.


The croton plant is from a very humid climate and will need high levels of humidity to thrive. He will suffer in dry spaces so it’s important to keep him away from any radiators or underfloor heating. Keep his humidity levels high by using a pebble tray, using a humidifier or placing him in the bathroom.


The croton plant can tolerate temperatures between 24-30°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 22°C Johnny will be happy.


Fertilise him with our fertiliser once every two months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


It's good to keep him root bound as disturbing his root system can send him into shock. Repot in the spring to avoid leaf drop.



 Brown tips/ brown crispy edges - This is a sign that the codiaeum petra could be lacking humidity, keep Johnny near a humidifier or place him in a sunny bathroom. 

 Drooping/wilting leaves - The drooping leaves is a sign that the codiaeum petra is ready for a drink. Always feel the first two inches of soil before you water to make sure it’s dry. 

Brown spots on leaves - This could be a sign of bacteria in the soil. Check the codiaeum petra's soil for excessive moisture and if his soil is wet he will need to be repotted into dry fresh soil to prevent root rot.

  Leaf drop - The codiaeum petra can be sensitive to drafts, cold and excessive heat. Keep him away from open windows, frequently used doors or radiators. He will also drop his leaves when adjusting to his new home when first brought into the home.



Top tip 1: Rotate his pot weekly for more even growth. 

Top tip 2: Johnny is sensitive to moving stress so he may drop a few leaves while he gets used to his new surroundings. Avoid moving him if possible. 

Top tip 3: Use the beautifying leaf shine to remove dirt and dust from the croton's leaves.  

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