Peace Lily Care Guide


Also known as the Peace Lily. Peace Lilies are native to the Americas and parts of SouthEast Asia.



She will be happy in most light conditions. It is important that your peace lily does not receive any harsh direct light. The best place to put your peace lily is in a bathroom with lots of indirect medium light. The more light your peace Lily receives the faster it will grow and bloom, especially in the spring and summer months. Lighting wise Lily pairs perfectly with Eddie and Monty.


The best way to tell when your peace lily needs watering is to feel the first 2-3 inches of the soil, if the soil is dry then it’s time for a drink. Check the soil every week for moist soil. Hold off on watering until she starts to droop a little, this is a good indication that she is ready for a drink. Avoid letting your plant sit in any excess water for a long period of time.


She is from a humid climate and will appreciate moisture on her leaves. To replicate her natural habitat you can place her near a humidifier, on top of a pebble tray or place in a bathroom. Find out how you can increase humidity here


The perfect indoor temperature for the peace lily is between 18-28 degrees celsius. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 18°C she will be happy.


To promote growth use our fortifying fertiliser every 4-6 weeks in the months from March-September.


Peace lilies have a fast bloom turnover but will be happy in their original pots for the first few years. Repot her when the bottom of the nursery pot starts to buckle or you see her roots sticking out the bottom. She prefers to be root bound so there’s no rush to repot. Go green with our peat free potting mix



Brown crispy tips - Brown tips indicates that she is not receiving enough moisture. You can manipulate your plants natural habitat by placing her in the bathroom or using a humidifier. 

Drooping leaves -  If she starts to droop she may be ready for a drink. Make sure your Peace Lily has proper drainage to prevent overwatering.  

Yellow leaves/drooping yellow leaves - This is a sign that your Peace Lily is getting too much water. Remove the yellow leaves so she doesn’t waste energy on this part of the plant. Always check the moisture of the soil before you water moving forward.



Top tip 1: Keep your Peace Lily in a room that is warmer than 20 °C to replicate its natural habitat.

Top tip 2: It is perfectly normal for the white blooms to come to the end of their life cycle and turn black or brown. Simply follow the stem back to its base and clip off the dead flower the rest of the plant is still perfectly healthy.

Top tip 3: Use our beautifying leaf shine once every 3 weeks to help keep her foliage clean and dust free. 

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