Philodendron Scandens Care Guide


Also known as the heart leaf Philodendron. The Philodendron Scandens is native to Brazil and the Caribbean.


Deborah is happiest in medium or bright indirect sunlight. She’s a good beginner plant that won’t fuss over her lighting conditions. Deborah will cope in a low/medium lit room but will grow faster in a better lit room.


It’s always best to check the first two-three inches of the soil before you water Deborah again. She is quite drought tolerant and won’t mind going a few weeks without water in the cooler months or if placed in a part of the home in less natural light.


Deborah is happy in a humid room but don’t worry about giving her high levels of humidity as she will tolerate a less humid environment. A weekly mist will help her leaves stay fresh and vibrant.


The perfect indoor temperature for Deborah is between 18-25ºC. Deborah can be quite cold tolerant but avoid letting the room get cooler than 15ºC.


To promote growth use diluted fertiliser every 4 weeks in the months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Deborah is a very fast grower. She can be encouraged to climb up her moss pole or up walls. Only re-pot her once every 1-2 years or whenever her roots start sticking out of her nursery pot. Do not re-pot in the winter months as this will send her into shock.



Lower Yellow leaves -  This is common especially in the winter months when Deborah is shedding some of her foliage in preparation for the growth season.

Yellow leaves - The most common reason for yellowing leaves is overwatering however yellow leaves will happen when that particular leaf has reached the end of its life cycle.

Slow growth or no new growth - Don’t expect to see much growth in the autumn and winter months. In the summer months you should see plenty of new growth if Deborah is placed in a well lit room. To encourage growth you can use a diluted fertiliser once a month from the months of March-September. 


Top tip 1: If possible use filtered or rain water to water Deborah. The chemicals found in tap water could upset her root system and cause brown spots on her foliage as a result.

Top tip 2: Always water Debroah with room temperature or lukewarm water. Cold water will shock her root system. 

Top tip 3: Keep Deborah away from any open windows or radiators. Excessive heat or cold may cause her leaves to drop.

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