Castano Magnifico Care Guide


Also known as the Moreton bay chestnut. The Moreton bay chestnut is native to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. 


Castro will prefer a well lit room but it’s important that he doesn’t receive any direct sunlight. This will burn his delicate foliage. Naturally Castro is found under the canopy of larger trees so he is able to tolerate a medium light.


Castro likes regular watering and should be given a good drink when the first two inches of his soil is dry. If possible avoid letting his dry out, this could cause some leaf loss. Allow all the excess water to drip from his drainage holes and never let Castro sit in any excess water for a long period of time.


Although Castro is from a humid climate he can tolerate a normal household humidity. Any crispy leaves may indicate that Castro is in need or a more humid environment.


A good indoor temperature for him is 16 - 28°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 16°C he will be happy.


Castro does not need regular fertilising. Fertilise him once every 4-6 weeks in the growth season with a diluted fertiliser. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Repot him when the bottom of the nursery pot starts to buckle or you see his roots sticking out the bottom. Avoid repotting in the winter as this could send him into shock, it’s best to wait until spring.



Browning or spotty leaves - This is a sign that Castro is receiving too much sunlight. Move him to a shadier spot.

Drooping yellow leaves -  If he starts to droop and yellow he may be overwatered. Make sure he has proper drainage to prevent overwatering. 

Yellow leaves - This is a sign that Castro has been overwatered. Always check the first few inches of soil and only water if the soil feels dry.


Top tip 1: Spritz his foliage a few times a week to help keep his foliage fresh and vibrant. 

Top tip 2: Castro can be draft sensitive and would prefer to be placed away from open windows and radiators. 

Top tip 3: Clean his foliage once a week with a damp cloth to remove any dust. 

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